Introducing: Lauren Madison Bower!
I  went into labor the morning of April 22nd. We were unsure whether I was experiencing contractions or false labor. Rick came home from work in the early afternoon. Due to the sporadic nature of the contractions, we decided to wait until they were more regular. My parents arrived that evening to put the final touches on the nursery. Since I was not due for another two weeks, we continued to wait at home. We tried to go to sleep that night, since the contractions were so sporadic, but due to the pain, I  could not sleep. By 3:00 am, I could not longer wait and we gathered our suitcases, and headed for the hospital. When we arrived, the nurses confirmed that I was in labor at 4 cm diltated and 70% effaced. We were admitted and taken to our delivery room.
Mama: Allison Brown Bower
Rick Bower
Born on:
April 23, 2003 at  12:48 p.m.
Baylor Medical Center at Grapevine
7 lbs.,10oz.   Height: 20.00"
Hair Color:
Our Delivery Room at Baylor
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