Welcome Addison Elizabeth Bower
The Vitals:
Birth date: August 14, 2006
Weight: 6 lbs 5 oz.
Length: 20 inches
Addison Bower joined our family on August 14, 2006. Her birth was short
and sweet. We decided to have my labor induced on the original due date (if
she was not born prior). Rick and I arrived at Baylor Medical Center in
Grapevine (the same hospital where big sister Lauren was born) at 5:30 am.
We were promptly admitted and taken to our labor and delivery room. I was
hooked onto the IV and given Pitocin around 8:00 am. I started to experience
strong contractions around 10:30 and was given an epidural (after I had
enough of the pain) and Addison was born after only 45 minutes of pushing,
at 1:21 pm.