Disney Trip - 2007
Allison, Addison and Jackie on the Magic
Express bus from the Airport to the Hotel.
Lauren on
She loves hats.
Lauren playing in the "boneyard"
playground at Animal Kingdom
Ally, Lauren and Rick at Epcot
She hates loud music
Scary fireworks
Making cookies
Lauren eating everybody's lunch
Lauren throwing pennies
Daddy Greg and his girl
Mmmm. Mac n' cheese
Daddy Rick and his girl
At Wilderness Lodge Hotel
Enjoying some peaches
Lydia all bundled up and cozy
Enjoying the Spectro-Magic parade
Getting sleepy. Daddy has a nice
That's it, I give up.
Ally and Tara being silly
Enjoying lunch
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Return Home
In 2007, we made a trip to Disney. This
time we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge.
Lauren was over 4 years old and Addison
was 16 months.