Rick and Allison Bower
Rick and Allison met at Gaither
High School in Tampa, FL. It was
the first class of the first day of
school in 1992. Rick was a Junior
and Allison was a Sophmore.
They just happened to be sat
alphabetically in Psychology
class. We started to date
exclusively in January of 1994.
We were engaged in 1998. Rick
asked Allison to marry her along
the River Walk in San Antonio,
Texas. They were married on
August 14, 1999 in Savannah,
Georgia. They were married at
Trinity United Methodist Church.
The reception was held at the
First City Club in Savannah, GA.
Trinity United Methodist Church
Our Dog
In Memory of our boy, Buster Brown
Oct 1994-August 2007

and our sweet girl, Chloe
January 1998 - 2011

We will miss t
hem always!
Our first house covered in snow
(Feb. 14, 2004). We sold the
house back in April of 2005.
This is a 3D sonogram of Lauren
at 32 weeks.
Ally and Rick at Texas
Ranger Game, June 18,
Return Home
Ally and Mike Modano
Full Name: Richard Dean Bower II

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Favorite Music: Rock n' Roll,

Favorite Movie: I'm gonna get you,

Favorite Websites: www.Ebay.com

Hobbies: Playing Golf, Playing Golf,
Playing Golf
About Rick
About Ally
Full Name: Allison Elizabeth Brown

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

Favorite Music: GREEN DAY!, John
Mayer, Blue October, Blink 182
Michael Buble

Favorite Movies: Shawshank
Redemption, There's something
about Mary, Blues Brothers,

Favorite Websites: www.

Hobbies: Shopping
Our current home. We moved in
August 2006 (just two we
before Addison was born).
Misc. Pics with our friends
Lily joined our family in April
2013. She was a rescue dog
that we ran up on during a
visit to Petco.